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Welcome to Wyeknot, inc. Our specialty is forensic animation - one of the most powerful forms of demonstrative evidence available today. We work closely with attorneys (plaintiff or defense) and expert witnesses to solve complicated problems and to simplify the process of explaining difficult concepts.

We are a fast paced, highly visual society - many of us like information presented to us succinctly in a very small amount of time - animations do just that. Audiences remember animations - moving images are a break from the routine and a highly effective aid to presenting information quickly and accurately. Forensic animations help make your presentations clear, concise, and convincing.

Legal animations are used in both civil and criminal cases. Virtually any type of case could benefit from a forensic animation, including: Accident Reconstruction, Patent Infringement, Environmental Law, Product Liability, Personal Injury & Torts, Crime Reenactment, Medical Malpractice. Some of the sub-categories include: Automobiles, Aviation, Maritime, Construction, Structural Failure, and Fires.

Our experience working with attorneys and experts has also proven animation to be an effective pre-trial tool. We have helped our clients by creating animations to help determine the merits of a case, for use in deposition, and for mediation. Many times, a legal animation created for mediation negates the need to go to trial!

Call us now at (734) 498-3042 to determine whether your case could benefit from forensic animation.

Why Use Forensic Animation?

Animations are one of the most effective forms of demonstrative evidence available to lawyers.

A well planned and built animation is more easily understood and more compelling than conventional presentations.

A concise animation will effortlessly demonstrate complex concepts and communicate large amounts of information faster than conventional tools. 3-D animation can easily illustrate abstract ideas – like the flow of money or information between persons or organizations.

Animations are mental adhesive. Your case will stick in the minds of the jurors. It creates a unity of perception – all the jurors see the same thing versus trying to visualize what is being said.

Not only does a computer animation make the speaker’s presentation more interesting, it also enhances their credibility.
  When you need to:

make a point

increase juror retention

be absolutely clear

explain difficult concepts

show detail

condense information

show impossible views


reach consensus

. . . WIN!

Benefits of Retaining Wyeknot


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